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120722 RUNNING MAN EP 104 

Guest: Yonghwa, Nichkhun, Lee Joon, Siwan, Dujoon, Eunhyuk and Eunjung

AMAZING episode!!!!! Most guest were considered my number 1 biases from each group which made it more exciting and the games were all interesting and weren’t draggy. I feel like each member on both teams received an equal amount of screen time, which is good. Lee Joon being a muscle idiot, Nichkhun winning the game, Dujoon racing it out, Eunhyuk and his skills, Siwan trying his best and of course running man members being as skillful as usual made this episode amazing. Unfortunately Jung yonghwa didn’t get a chance to shine in this episode =(. Swithing teams between the hiders and the seekers was a really good idea, that way it’s more fair. I’m happy this was a longer episode than usual but it would’ve been better if this was a two-parter. This episode has made its way to my second favourite running man episodes of all time. I’m looking forward to another episode like this one in the future!!

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